Thanks to everyone who participated in the Spring 2023 Ping Pong Tournament on Sunday June 4th. The tournament was a big hit! We had lots of new (and old) players, exciting matches, great food and enthusiastic fans cheering their favorite competitors. New champions were crowned in every event! Here are the results. Click on the links to view all the matches in each event:

Event First PlaceSecond PlaceThird PlaceThird/Fourth Place
15 & Under Singles Round RobinAnirudh SudhakarLeilani LopezDean Damandaman3rd-Mitsuko Kimura-Chavez
40 & Over Doubles Round RobinYude Chan / Stacy ZhangWarren Lee / Jesse ChenVictor Grubsky / Larry Bottoms4th-Miyuki Maloney / Karina Zenke
20 & Under Singles Round RobinEthan WenGregory WallaceDean Damandaman4th-Leilani Lopez
40 & Over Singles Round RobinTuck Seng TanMiguel MaghinayWarren Lee3rd-Takayuki Hashiba
Open Doubles Round RobinChinami Miyawaki / Ayano TakedaTakato Tsuchiya / Preston Ha Trun NguyenKobe Couyoumjian / Victor Moraga3rd-Amanda Malek / John Shen
Open Singles Round RobinTakato TsuchiyaAlexander KuzmenkoAyano Takeda3rd-Chinami Miyawaki

Check out our pictures here! Also, special thanks to David Ahn for this highlight video.