Rentals and Open Play

Court Rentals

If you want to enjoy a game of ping pong with friends, then an hourly table rental is the way to go. Rent a table exclusively for two players. Paddles and balls are included!​ [$20 for 60 minutes] CLICK TO RESERVE YOUR TIME SLOT

Open Play

Practice or play pick-up matches on any available table during normal business hours with your friends, or make new ones on the table! Players rotate every 20 minutes, or play “winner stays on” when others are waiting.​ Online registration required. Click here to sign up. [$12 per person ]

Ball Machine Rentals

Our table tennis ball machines make the perfect partner! They are easily programmable, and can give you a wide variety of spins and placements to practice against. [$20 per 1/2 hour] CLICK TO RESERVE YOUR TIME SLOT