Rentals and Open Play

Court Rentals

If you want to enjoy a game of ping pong with friends, then an hourly table rental is the way to go. Rent a table exclusively for two players. Paddles and balls are included!​ [$20 for 60 minutes] CLICK TO RESERVE YOUR TIME SLOT

Open Play

Practice or play pick-up matches on any available table, with any available player. Bring your friends, or make new ones on the table! Players rotate every 20-30 minutes, or play “winner stays on” when others are waiting.​ Online registration required. CLICK HERE to sign up. [$12 per person ]

Ball Machine Rentals

Our table tennis ball machines make the perfect partner! They are easily programmable, and can give you a wide variety of spins and placements to practice against. [$20 per 1/2 hour]