Summer 2022 Ping Pong Tournament

Sunday August 21, 2022, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Open to players of all ages and skill levels. Sign up today!

Event NameEvent Start TimeEntry Fee
(per person)
1st Place Award2nd Place Award
17 & Under Singles9:00 AM$25TrophyTrophy
60 & Over Singles9:00 AM$25TrophyTrophy
17 & Under Doubles10:30 AM$15TrophyTrophy
Women’s Open Singles10:30 AM$35Trophy & $150Trophy & $75
Men’s Open Singles12:00 PM$35Trophy & $150Trophy & $75
Open Doubles2:30 PM$25Trophies & $200
per team
Trophies & $100
per team

Tournament Information

Location: 540 Maple Avenue, Torrance CA 90503. Inside the Kinecta / LA Galaxy Indoor Sport Facility. Once inside, look for the “Ping Pong” signs and head over to the reception area. The tournament will be held on eight competition quality tables, which will be located on the athletic field next to our reception area.

Entry Deadline: Sunday 8/14/2022

Eligibility: Players of all ages and skill levels are welcome to participate in this tournament. If you are signing up for an age specific event, you should meet the stated age criteria on the day of the event. Please provide your date of birth in the “Notes” information box at checkout, and be prepared to show proof of age when you check in.

Waiver: All participants or their parent / guardians will be required to sign a waiver before participating in the tournament. The waiver is included within the entry for each event. By registering online, you acknowledge acceptance as a condition of participating in the tournament.

Registration: Please use the link at the bottom of this page to sign up for the tournament online. This is the fastest way to register, and your participation is guaranteed once your entry is paid for and submitted. If you prefer, you can print a copy of the entry form, fill it out and deliver it by email, postal mail or in person. Please note that entries that are not submitted online will require confirmation based on space availability.

Tournament tables & balls: Cornilleau, Donic and Sparrow competition level tables, and Nittaku 40+ Premium 3-star white balls will be used for this event.

Player equipment & clothing: USATT approved rackets required. Soft soled, non marking athletic shoes and athletic clothing are required. No white clothing please, as this may obscure the position of the ball for your opponent.

Event Format: The first round of each event will be a round robin group of 4-6 players or teams. All matches will be best 3 of 5 games to 11 points, with service rotation every two points. The top two finishing players or teams from each group will advance to the single elimination playoff round.

Rules: All rules of USA table tennis will apply. You can learn more about the rules here. In the event of a dispute between players, South Bay Table Tennis personnel will have the final say in deciding the outcome.

USATT Ratings: This is not a USATT sponsored tournament. As such, participants are not required to have ratings. However, if you have one please submit it in the “Notes” information box at checkout, as this will help us to group players appropriately in the preliminary rounds. We will endeavor to arrange the round robin groups in a way that separates known, top rated players or teams from each other in the first round of the tournament.

Home Club: If you play in a particular club on a regular basis, please put the name of the club in the “Notes” information box at checkout. This will help us to separate players who regularly play together in the preliminary round of the tournament.

Doubles entries: If you are entering a doubles event (and you should!), please pay for your portion of the entry fee, and write your doubles partner’s name in the “Notes” information box at checkout. If you don’t have a partner and would like us to find you one, please write “Doubles partner needed” in the “Notes” information box at checkout.

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Please contact us if you have any questions or need more information